Establishing TrustBuilding ConfidenceRestoring FunctionSecuring Independence


Tucson Corrective Exercise (TCE) was founded in 2013 by geriatric fitness professional Frank Brown. After a few years working as the wellness director at The Covenant House, a local retirement community, it was clear that the elderly needed help maintaining their health throughout the aging process.

Today, TCE employs multiple geriatric fitness trainers and helps hundreds of seniors in the Tucson area live more active lives. Although TCE provides training for all levels of senior fitness, the heart of their work lies within the disabled population. TCE specializes in working with geriatrics that have been diagnosed with some of the most difficult  conditions to live with. Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and fragile x are just a few of the conditions they work with everyday.

“No one is ever a lost cause” says Frank. There is always something that can be done to improve the quality of a persons life.

The staff at TCE strives to establish trust with their clients, this allows defensive mechanisms to fall so they can help rebuilt their confidence. Through proper programming they can maximize their strengths, restore function and secure a level of independence. From birth humans seek out independence and it starts with the simplest of tasks like walking and feeding yourself, all of which require a certain level of functional strength. As a person ages holding on to independence becomes just as important. These little things go over looked by younger people because they are often taken for granted.

It takes a special skill set to help people through this challenging time and through superior communication skills TCE will continue to help the senior population maintain the best quality of life possible.

“When I first began working with TCE I had so much lower back and hip pain I could barely move let one take care of myself and my home. After a few months of training my posture began to improve along with my ability to walk and be on my feet for extended periods of time.”
Lolita Lynch, 83
“After being told by my nurse that I would never walk again, I was so unwilling to accept that. My caregiver referred me to TCE and despite the fact I had been immobile for almost two years, Frank was able to help me rebuild my lower body strength and get me back on my feet.”
Nancy Riechers, 82
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