Rey was born in California and raised in the lovely city of Tucson Az. He graduated from Mountain View High School in 2003, started working as a Caregiver in 2005 and fell in love seniors. Rey has now been a caregiver for more than 10 years. He is not only a Certified but “qualified” caregiver that does his work with patience and integrity. Rey realized fitness was Important when His own health was no€™t on track. By the age of 30 he found himself to be a couch potato living on fast food, soda, and beer. At that point he decided to overhaul his fitness and get back on track. Rey Rey cleaned up his diet, started boxing and HIIT training, from then on he never looked back! In 2019 he came on board for TCE as a Geriatric Trainer and loves being able to help seniors get to the next level by improving their functional mobility and overall quality of life.